Expert care from doctors who specialize in migraine

Cove is a telemedicine company dedicated exclusively to the treatment of migraine. With online doctor visits and ongoing care, Cove is helping tens of thousands of migraine sufferers get the relief they deserve. 

Plus, Cove’s doctors are all experienced with a range of migraine treatment options, and can help determine if a once-monthly anti-CGRP therapy is right for you.

Anti-CGRP Therapies and Cove

What are anti-CGRP therapies?

Anti-CGRP (calcitonin gene-related peptide) therapies are medications specifically designed to treat migraine. There are three FDA-approved anti-CGRP therapies that are taken with a once-monthly auto-injector for migraine prevention.

How do anti-CGRP therapies prevent migraine?

Anti-CGRP therapies can reduce the activity of CGRP -- a peptide in the body thought to be involved with migraine.

How can I get an anti-CGRP therapy with Cove?

Cove’s doctors will review your consultation to determine if an anti-CGRP therapy is right for you. If an anti-CGRP therapy is prescribed, the prescription will be sent to your pharmacy of choice.*

*As with any appointment, it’s important to remember that speaking with a doctor through a telehealth platform does not guarantee a prescription of any medication.

What Cove Customers Say

4.9 out of 5 stars

"Since starting Cove my migraines have been under great control! I love the fact that I can contact my doctor at any time with any concerns and if something isn't working we can work together to fix it. Cove has been a wonderful thing for me."

— Ariel

Cove Customer

Why Cove Works

Specialized Care

Ongoing Support

Cove only treats migraine. Every Cove doctor is trained in the treatment of migraine and is supervised by world-leading experts in headache medicine. This ensures you get the highest quality care every step of the way. 

Message your doctor at any time for adjustments, advice or questions. Plus, Cove’s doctors proactively reach out to make sure you’re getting just what you need. 

Personalized Treatment


You are matched with a Cove doctor who follows you over time. Your doctor learns about your migraine and tailors treatment specifically to your needs.

Complete our regular outcomes check-ins, and the data will be sent to your Cove doctor to help manage your treatment and get the relief you deserve.